Brian Kennedy prepares for his 20th anniversary as a solo artist
Monday 3rd November 2008
Dongelal News

It was yet another busy year for Brian Kennedy but the singer hasn’t forgotten to include Donegal on his tour before the year ends and he prepares for a very important year in his successful career as a solo artist.

On Saturday, 8 November, Belfast native Brian and his band are coming to An Grianán Theatre for what promises to be a very exciting concert, in the Letterkenny venue.

Speaking to the singer at his Dublin home, Brian said he can’t wait to perform at An Grianán on Saturday: “Donegal is like a home from home to me and you’d be amazed at how often people think I’m from there,” he laughed.

Brian performed in Letterkenny last Christmas, but this concert will be very different as fans can look forward to lots of songs from his latest album, Interpretations.

“As well as songs from my latest album there will be quite a few songs that I may not have performed live in a while, but it’s a very interactive concert and people always shout up their favourites that we’ll gladly perform for them,” said Brian.

“There might even be a Christmas song in there, given the time of year, I do a version of George Michael’s Last Christmas that I enjoy performing.

“But even when it comes to the songs from Interpretations, they’ll be very different from the studio version, but still with my tough to them so it should be fun,” he said.

“I was so thrilled with Interpretations, my tenth album would you believe, it really took me out of my comfort zone and each song was a challenge for me.

“We recorded the album at Van’s [Morrison] studios at Windmill Lane in Dublin and I there were a few songs that I was maybe not too familiar with, but when the engineers played me their backing track ideas, they grew on me very quickly.

“Other songs like Declan O’Rourke’s Galileo or I Can Let Go Now by Michael McDonald were songs I always wanted to record, so I was delighted to get that opportunity.”

Brian is getting ready for a very special year when I celebrates the impressive 20th anniversary of his very successful solo career in 2009.
“There’s definitely a Greatest Hits double album on the cards, something I haven’t told anyone yet, so there’s an exclusive for you,” he laughed.

“The album will cover everything from the first album in 1989 to the present day, it’s going to be tough to choose songs, but watch this space.”

One song sure to be featured on the upcoming is You Raise Me Up, a song that Brian was notably the first artist to record. Brian said it’s amazing to see how ‘You Raise Me Up’ has gone on such an extraordinary journey since he first recorded it.

“When I got asked to sing it at George Best’s funeral, it was just such a huge honour for me, and every time someone requests the song at a concert I gladly sing it.”

Known for his many collaborations on record and screen, Brian is sure to come up with something very special for next year.“Your intuition serves you right, I have been thinking of doing something and next year would be a great year to do it, so well see what happens,” he laughed.

A very successful published novelist, Brian said he hopes to release his autobiography to coincide with the 20th anniversary of his career as a solo artist. “I think the time is right and hopefully I’ll have the time to do it myself as I’d never dream of letting anybody else write my own story.

“As you can tell it’s going to be a very busy year and my manager is getting everything ready for a tour as we speak, I can’t wait,” said Brian.

In his 20 years as a solo artist Brian has never been one to rest on his laurels and come Christmas will be only taking two days off before he hits to road again.

“It gets very busy this time of year and there’s just great energy around, you really know why you’re tired at the end of the year, but I love every moment of it,” he laughed.

For tickets contact the An Grianán box office on Tel 07491 20777 and for more information log onto