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Updates for 11th September 2019

Brian announces the release of his latest EP - 'Recovery'


Brian's new EP entitled 'Recovery' coincides with Brian completing a 6-month course of chemo, a previous 5 week radiation treatment for an earlier cancer diagnosis and being given the all clear recently.

The songs mostly written with his producer Billy Farrell when Brian was in the middle of treatment, as he wanted to try and capture what that felt like. The fear, the exhaustion and ultimately the courage it took to remain optimistic before triumphantly getting an "All Clear" scan result only very recently.

He can not wait to perform these songs live "knowing that even though I have two stomas as the legacy of my cancer journey, I'm also ALL CLEAR as of a few months ago, more alive then ever and full of new energy and brand new songs!"

'Recovery' will be released in Ireland on Friday 13th September: Golden Discs, Tower Records and various Independant music stores will be stocking the EP.

The EP will also be available to download from 27th September and available to pre-order on September 13th, the pre-order includes a track for early download.

Catalogue Number: BKCD007
The Track Listing:
Child of War
Don't Look Back
Better Than You Know

Bonus Tracks
Days Like This
The Boxer
Wind Beneath My Wing