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Updates for 25th March 2012

The Voice of Ireland
Live Finals Sunday 25th March 2012

The Voice of Ireland – The Results:
Kellie Blaise and Graham Dowling leave The Voice

Tonight’s show opener was a rendition of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams performed by Sharon Corr and her team. Sharon won a VIP style award on Friday night for Most Stylish Woman in Ireland so congratulations to her!

It was the end of the road for 2 of our finalists tonight.

Kian said ‘it was a joke that Liam and Graham were in the bottom 2, I never dreamed I would have to pick between them’, Kian saved Liam after he found himself in the bottom 2 with Graham. On Team Sharon both Kevin and Kellie were in the bottom 2 with Sharon choosing to save Kevin.

Next week its Team Brian and Team Bressie!

Judges comments:

Sharon Gaynor
Brian: ‘incredible start to the show.’
Bressie: ‘you are diverse you can do anything.’
Kian: 'She is one of the best female singers in this contest’

Kevin Keeley
Kian: 'you sang the song nicely, you need to work on perforrmance, vocally spot on'
Brian: 'Brilliant I am a big fan, keep it going'
Bressie: ‘really strong performance.’
Sharon: ‘he gives me shivers everytime he sings, I love a voice that speaks to my heart. I am so proud.’

Jim Devine
Sharon: ‘you really delivered that on the song, polished performance.’ Brian: ‘you don’t realise how good you are, I didn’t like that song choice but you ARE a great singer.’
Bressie: ‘you started off the song with the same dynamic as you ended it,’
Kian: ‘I think he did a fantastic job, he is growing as a performer, you are a country singer, I hope that risk pays off for you tonight’

Kim Hayden
Kian: ‘you have proven that you do deserve to be here, that song suits your voice, much better than last week.’
Brian: ‘What a transformation, you have done a complete 360 right there.
Bressie: 'I have massive admiration for you, you found the strength and you stuck to it'
Sharon: ‘it confirmed for me why I picked her, she is a gutsy girls and look at you now., That was an amazing performance, you took control, you are a born performer and tonight you got your vocals right'

Elliot Canavan Doyle:
Sharon: ‘that was a hearbreaking performance, you have an unusual voice, very good performance.’
Brian: ‘you went right into yourself, sometimes vulnerability is more powerful.’
Bressie: ‘outside my team you are the make vocal that interests me the most.’
Kian: we are slowly getting to see the Elliot that I know, he is a natural’

Nollaig O’Connor
Kian: ‘lovely song choice, it was a little nervy in places, overall it was a great performance'
Brian: ‘it started off ok ultimately it was a good performanc'
Bressie;'you have an addictive fragile quality, you have got to start controlling the band, you are the lead singer, I don’t think you should be going home.’
Sharon: N‘ollaig makes every song her own, she is the artist who can do this, you have a beautiful voice, you need to work on your breathing.’

Liam Geddes:
Sharon: 'I felt like you were singing for your life, it was very moving and that the most important thing well done.’
Brian: ‘I believe you when you sing, I love the high end of your voice and the low end.’
Bressie: 'you have a male Leona Lewis style, get away from the epic songs I would like you to do something more subdued.’
Kian: ‘it is NOT easy to sing epic songs, there is nobody else in the contest who can do it, he has got a cold and he is still amazing’.

Vanessa Whelan
Kian: ‘brilliant flawless vocal, I would like to hear something different just to mix it up a bit, vocally amazing
Brian: ‘I love the temperature you bring to the room when you sing' Bressie: ‘perfect pitch, I am scared to say anytihg cause its so perfect.’
Sharon: ‘it doesn’t get any better than that, I had shivers running up my body the minute you started singing, you are amazing Vanessa.’

Kellie Blaise:
Kian: ‘honestly it didn’t do it for me, I didn’t feel like I was in the song sorry.’
Brian: ‘I will be honest, I don’t get aa sense of you, it was well sung I just didn’t get it so sorry'
Bressie: ‘I think with the right type of producer you have pop star qualities, sing what you want to sing'
Sharon: ‘you are an incredibly versatile performer, I think its amazing what you can do, you know you are a good singer you have every right to be up there tonight.’

Graham Dowling:
Sharon: ‘you did a great job’
Brian: ‘I love how you used the stage, the camera and the audience it felt exciting, I loved it well done.’
Bressie: 'My Mullingar boy, that was awesome, you are a brilliant rock singer.’

Act 1 Sharon Gaynor (Kian) If I Ain’t Got You Brian incredible
Act 2 Kevin Keeley (Sharon) Half the World Away
Act 3 Jim Devine (Kian) We Found Love
Act 4 Kim Hayden (Sharon) Mercy
Act 5 Elliot Canavan Doyle (Kian) Falling Slowly
Act 6 Nollaig O’Connor (Sharon) Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Act 7 Liam Geddes (Kian) Run
Act 8 Vanessa Whelan (Sharon) Pie Jesu
Act 9 Kellie Blaise (Sharon) Mama Do
Act 10 Graham Dowling (Kian) Let Me Entertain You