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Updates for 18th March 2012

The Voice of Ireland
Live Finals Sunday 18th March 2012

Jessica Pritzel and Claire O’Loughlin voted out of The Voice of Ireland

Brian Kennedy opened tonight’s show performing a roof raising rendition of his song Life, Love and Happiness with his 5 acts. Brian performed with Claire, Richie, Brendan, Sinead and Alan.

All 10 acts performed their solo tonight, with the top 3 from each group going straight through to the next round. The lowest scoring acts on Team Brian were Alan and Claire, it was a difficult decision as Brian admitted he was getting closer and closer to his acts as the weeks passed so will found it hard to say goodbye to Claire. Brian chose to save Alan Fitzsimons.

Bressie said having performed on stage himself last week, he had the utmost admiration for his acts. With and Jessica and Kiera in the bottom 2, Bressie had to save Kiera, Jessica was in the bottom 2 for the second week in a row and leaves the competition tonight.

Results show act the Rizzle Kicks had the audience dancing in their seats, the band were delighted to be in Ireland for St. Patrick’s weekend and were making plans backstage to paint the town green!

Next week Team Sharon and Team Kian return to do battle.

Judges comments:

Act 1 Pat Byrne (Team Bressie)– Are you Gonna be My Girl.
Brian: 'you have got passion the passion ‘byrnes’ in the voice'
Sharon:'You ramped up your performance tonight'
Kian: 'Well done great opening, brilliant performance'

Act 2 Brendan Keeley (Brian) – You Are So Beautiful.
Bressie: 'you meant every word of it, you haven’t got a high range but your voice has grown on me more and more'
Sharon: 'You light up when you sing, really enjoyed it'
Kian: ‘it was a great performance but it didn’t captivate me, overall good enough to get you through.’
Brian: ‘the moment he opens his mouth he stands out from the crowd’. Brendan thinking about his wife when he sang the song.

Act 3 Alan Fitzsimons (Team Brian) – Edge of Glory:
Bressie: ‘you are technically gifted, you haven’t had one bad performance'
Sharon: ‘you are strutting your stuff and Lady Gaga is not easy to do'
Kian: 'You have an amazing voice, I wasn’t a fan of that song however, you are better in the emotional dramatic songs, you are better at the ballads, playing it risky ‘I am going to go all guns blazing’
Brian: Alan pushed for this song. Everytime I hear him sing, he reminds me this show is call The Voice of Ireland. he belongs on the stage'

Act 4 Gari Deegan (Team Bressie) Next to Me by Emilie Sandez.
Brian: 'I really enjoyed that, there is a soul element to what you’re doing and I am a fan of that'
Sharon 'I think that song suits you better this week, you are cheeky chappie and great fun to watch'
Kian: ‘I enjoyed it, I would like to hear an emotional ballad from you’ Bressie: 'we have talked about the ballad route. His voice is very current, and you’re a natural’

Act 5 Claire O’Loughlin (Team Brian) Love is a Battlefield.
Bressie: ‘you are flamboyant.’
Sharon: ‘That song was inspired, you are stepping up to the next level’.
Kian: ‘that was your best performance so far, you were a little stiff so you need to strut your stuff.’
Brian: 'the voice of Ireland is such a battlefield! I am a very proud coach tonight you did brilliantly’

Act 6 Jessica Pritzel (Team Bressie) Walking on Broken glass.
Brian: 'I didn’t enjoy that you were out of your depth there was a little bit of shouting going on'
Sharon: ‘I was happy to see you singing a song like that, you have a little bit more work to do on your confidence, you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice’.
Kian: ‘I do fear for you, it didn’t do it for me. That song wasn’t to your strengths’.
Bressie: ‘it was a difficult song, you did get the high notes, your voice is so powerful, the real key is to get between the hard and soft tones’.

Act 7 Sinead Fox (Team Brian) Beautiful.
Brian: ‘It is brilliant to work with you, that’s the best you have ever sung that song'
Bressie: ‘it was stunning, beautiful, all you need is a bit of help with the power in your voice’
Sharon: ‘I think you need to become the woman that you are, you need to lose control I think there is more in you'
Kian: ‘it lacked that little bit of punch, the little girl act has gotta go, you need to up your self belief’

Act 8 Kiera Byrne Stay (Bressie)
Brian: ‘I love the sense of theatre you sang it great, congrats.’ Sharon: ‘you are such a powerful performer, I love the way you embody every song’
Kian: I thought that was excellent, performance of the night.’

Act 9 Richie Hayes (Team Brian) Kiss.
Bressie: ‘your dancing is impressive, your voice is massive’
Sharon: ‘You are proving to be a man of many talents you are a terrific performer, you really delivered that song’. The truth is you can sing any song, overall you’re a great singer, I didn’t love the song choice its too kariokee, the emotional songs are where you hit home’.

Act 10 Conor Quinn (Bressie) Lonely Boy.
Brian: it was the love child of Julian Cope and Mick Jagger, you have converted me’
Kian: ‘you are a genuine performer I thought that was excellent’.