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Updates for 11th March 2012

The Voice of Ireland
Live Finals Sunday 11th March 2012

Fauve Chapman and Kyle Kennedy eliminated from The Voice of Ireland

Tonight’s live show kicked off with an amazing performance from our 4 coaches, singing Arcade’s Fire iconic Wake Up. With Bressie on drums, Kian and Brian on guitar and Sharon on violin the supergroup’s show stopping performance was the perfect intro for our 12 finalists from Team Sharon and Team Kian.

Unfortunately it was the end of the line for 2 finalists. With the top scoring 4 acts from each team progressing directly onto the next round of the competition, it was left to our coaches to decide the fate of the bottom 2.

Kian had to choose between Kyle Kennedy and Eliot Canavan Doyle putting Eliot through to the next round. Kian said ‘I have to save the person who is the better vocalist’

The bottom 2 on Sharon’s team were Fauve Chapman and Kellie Blaise, it was a tough decision but Sharon chose Kellie to go through to the next round. Sharon said ‘This is not the end of the round for you (Fauve) and I and we will take this further’

Judges comments:

First up was Eliot Canavan Doyle (Team Kian) Sharon: ‘tough time at the top of song but pulled it together’ / Brian: ‘agree with Sharon Morton Harket is a tough act to follow’ / Bressie; I have been a fan of your voice since the start …very original’

Fauve Chapman (Team Sharon) Kian: Really enjoyed it although was a safe choice, you played to your strenghts. Brian I didn’t love I wish you’re given me a wee bit more. Bressie That was your best performance

Graham Dowling (Team Kian) Sharon: that’s was worryingly wonderful, you rocked the stage and took it up another 50 from rehearsal. Brian That was a spunky performance – brilliant. Bressie: time for Niall from One Direction to move over for you.

Kellie Blaise (Team Sharon) Kian technically fantastic however I didn’t get into it, it lacked passion and emotion.’ Brian I don’t want to be the bad guy I thought it got the better of you although u redeemed yourself at the end. Bressie: ‘that was really strong, with the right direction and production you could be a pop star.. you nailed it’

Kyle Kennedy (Team Kian) Sharon: ‘the high note was magic, a very strong performance.’ Brian: ‘Brave man to take on Stevie Wonder you did a great job.’

Kim Hayden (Team Sharon) Kian: I feel for you, backstage you have been a bucket of nerves, I honestly think you are a little out of your depth, you need time to develop a little bit more’. Bressie: Its important to realise your strengths, there were some strong moments, the start was shaky you need more good moments to become a truly great singer’

Sharon Gaynor (Team Kian) Sharon: ’you are absolutely astounding, that vocal probably the best of the series so far, knock out.’ Brian: Sharon no bother to ya, that voice is incredible I will be the first in the queue to buy your record.’

Kevin Keeley (Team Sharon) Kian: ‘overall good, I would have liked a bigger performance in the chorus, You’re a real cool dude, love hanging out with you backstage.’ Bressie: ‘you have a real appreciation of melody in your voice, it was wavy at the top, overall I love the tone of your voice.’

Jim Devine (Team Kian) That was a really good consistant performance I love your voice, I think you played it safe but you could have injected a little bit more emotion.’ Brian: ‘I think you are a great singer, bring us a bit more on your journey’

Vanessa Whelan (Team Sharon) Kian: That was amazing, stunning, the emotion you poured into that and Sharon had a tear.

Liam Geddes (Team Kian) Sharon: ‘you had a great performance, you have a beautiful tone to your voice although you had a better rehearsal, its lovely to listen to you…really good.’ Brian: ‘there is so much maturity in your voice have some great guys in my group but you may just be a bit of competition.’

Nollaig O’Connor (Team Sharon) Kian: you out bags more energy into that you lost yourself great well done. Bressie that was your best performace since the show started’

In an Irish television first, The Voice will step up its already successful online presence and integrate it into the live shows.

Kathryn Thomas was joined in the Helix by Eoghan McDermott who led the Engine Room discussing the latest tweets and Facebook comments with the acts after they performed.

Next week Team Brian and Team Bressie will return!

Act 1: Elliot Canavan Doyle – Take On Me

Act 2: Fauve Chapman-Video Games

Act 3: Graham Dowling – Sex on Fire


Act 4: Kellie Blaise-My Funny Valentine


Act 5: Kyle Kennedy-Superstition


Act 6: Kim Hayden- Fix You


Act 7:Sharon Gaynor-All By Myself

Act 8: Kevin Keeley- Crossfire


Act 9: Jim Divine-Time After ime


Act 10: Vanessa Whelan -Somewhere


Act 11 Liam Geddes-Love the Way You Lie


Act 12:Nollaig O’Connor-Shake it Out