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Updates for 1st April 2012

The Voice of Ireland Show 5 – The Results -1st April 2012

Gari Deegan and Sinead Fox eliminated from The Voice of Ireland

Team Bressie and his team opened tonight’s show with a rendition of The Kinks All Day and All of the Night.

Tonight’s special guest Olly Murs was keen to get involved in the show and took over some presenting in the Engine room, during the skit our own Eoghan McDermott fell from a car and cut his leg open, he’s been bandaged up and the show medic has advised he may need stitches…get well soon Eoghan.

Tonight 4 became 3 for both Team Brian and Team Bressie.

Brian had to make a decision between Alan Fitzsimons and Sinead Fox tonight as they found themselves in the bottom 2, both acts had been in the bottom 2 before however Alan had impressed Brian the most during tonight’s show resulting in Alan progressing to the next round of the competition.

While over on Team Bressie Kiera and Gari were in the bottom 2, Bressie’s decision was based on who he thought would had the best chance of being a recording artist so he put Kiera through.

Judges comments:

Opening the competition was the raspy and soulful Brendan Keeley. His husky rendition of “Walking in Memphis” had the coaches torn. Bressie- brilliant song choice, one thing I’ve been saying to you is where you’re singing from… I love your tone but it is limited
Sharon – I’m loving the jacket tonight, wondering if you got it from Kian, you’re a really good singer but you struggled with your upper register. Always a great performance but I think you struggled with it
Kian – your in a very tough competition, everybody needs to be able to touch people emotionally but you just didn’t do that for me
Brian –I’m a very proud coach

Gari Deegan – Lately- standing ovation from the crowd
Brian – it was a good start… I thought it was a good performance I didn’t think it was a great performance by any means
Sharon – in rehearsal I honestly didn’t feel you delivered the emotion. But tonight although it was a bit pitchy you delivered the emotion
Kian – I thought the first half of the song was really strong. I think by the time you got to the second half of the song the big hits you didn’t go for it because it’s not in your range. Not a good song choice
Bressie – your strongest performance yet

Alan Fitzsimons
Bressie – I still think your finest hour was Purple Rain. You’ve got a stunning technical voice. I don’t believe the contemporary modern songs suit you
Kian – it is a modern contempory song and its not what alan is best at. You got the crowd I think you did a great job. You should be here in two weeks time and you should be doing the big ballads – bring on all out of love by ott
Sharon – I totally agree with Bressie. You have too great a voice not to choose a song with great melody, that song is more about production. You worked the stage, you worked the audience. Wrong song choice
Brian – lessons are learned and hopefully if people pick up the phones and vote we’ll have a big juicy ballad for you in two weeks time

Conor Quinn stripped back version of MGMT’s Kids.
Sharon – I love to see you developing in front of us every week, you weren’t perfect it was faboluous
Kian – sometimes we are quite negative about other acts but this is what we’re looking for this is what you need to come out and do you are the one tonight so far to beat
Brian – you know its no secret I wasn’t a fan at the beginning. I loved how much you put into that performance, well done
Bressie – your voice is so rare ive heard so many voices around the world… nothing like yours – brought conor to tears

Sinead Fox I love rock and roll
Sharon – yeah I think the last time I suggested that you kick out the little girl and bring out the woman… I still think you need to lose control a bit more. Vocally
Kian - compared it to grease. She was sassy and sexy. I dunno if it was 100 percent natural but it worked.
Bressie – I think you finally lost that little girl shyness thing. You don’t have the power to sing a song like that but you made it your own, quite sexy
Brian – tonight you became sinead vixen. Im very proud you’re doing brilliantly

Pat Byrne - The Day we Caught the Train
Sharon – that song was very difficult, very hard to deliver, this is not a criticism of your voice I just think the song choice was difficult
Kian – I did drift away in the first part, its hard week after week to get the right song choice
Brian – Im a big fan of Pat, he just wants to sing he just wants to play that was a solid performance
Bressie – I thought that song was perfect for you. Coaching pat is like coaching the Barcelona football team you don’t need to do anything its just pure talent.

Richie Hayes – To Love Somebody
Bressie – one thing very important in a vocalist is to hear their personality coming out in their voice
Sharon – that was a wonderful performance totally in control
Kian - this is what your born to do, your born to stand on a stage and sell a story and that’s exactly what you did
Brian - When you stand on the stage and sing you are a giant on that stage. You deliever every single week, I couldn’t be prouder

Kiera Byrne – Just a girl
Kian – its nice to see a different side for you.. great performance
Sharon - you really pulled it off and had a great vocal. Well done
Brian - singing and dancing is a difficult thing to do but you pulled it off well done
Bressie – id like to see her (gwen stefani) running around on stage and deliver as good performance

Act 1 Brendan Keeley (Team Brian) - Walking in Memphis
Act 2 Gari Deegan (Team Bressie) – Lately by Stevie Wonder
Act 3 Alan Fitzsimmons (Team Brian) – Without You
Act 4 Conor Quinn (Team Bressie) - Kids
Act 5 Sinead Fox (Team Brian) – I love Rock n Roll
Act 6 Pat Byrne (Team Bressie)– The Day we Caught the Train
Act 7 Richie Hayes (Team Brian) - To Love Somebody
Act 8 Kiera Byrne (Team Bressie) – Just a Girl