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Updates for 30th January 2012

The Voice Ireland - Episode 4 -Sunday 29th January

It's the fourth week of Blind Auditions and our coaches have added
more incredible talent to their already strong teams but in the
process we've had to say goodbye to some great performers and
vocalists. Olivia Luc and Brian Masterson were two of the unlucky acts
who failed to move on but it was bittersweet for them as Olivia's
cousin and Brian's bandmate were successful in their auditions.
Viewers hearts went out to them as they had to hide their
disappointment and celebrate with friends and family.

Pat Byrne from Borris Co. Carlow was a popular man this week with
fellow Carlow native Kathryn Thomas cheering him on backstage. Pat
impressed all four coaches after singing The River by Bruce
Springsteen complete with guitar and harmonica. Pat said that he
already had a coach in mind if he was lucky enough to have the choice and Bressie reigned supreme. Bressie also picked up an incredibly talented 18 year old, Kate Gilmore, who he said was better than Pixie Lott!

This week Sharon added three acts to her team - Alan Lawlor, Fauve
Chapman and Kevin Keeley. Alan Lawlor is a full time musician playing clarinet for the Army Band and he regularly plays at State functions.

The father of three caught Sharons attention with his "infectious"
audition "I don't want it all to be too serious, we need a bit of fun
in the music industry" she said. Fauve Chapman performed a beautifully and Sharon said "Fauve connected with me vocally" and described her voice as having a velvety texture, Bressie said that her voice was seductive and that she was the type of artist he would listen to with a glass of wine in front of the fire! Kevin Keeley is no stranger to the stage and has been in panto's since he was 12 years old, Sharon said she could hear the trueness and honesty in his voice. Kian said Kevin was a dark horse and regretted not pushing his button - you snooze you lose Kian!

Kian shocked the nation when he stated that he was a massive fan of
rock music and would love to find a rocker for his team, and that he
did! Graham Dowling auditioned right after his bandmate failed to make it through and succeeded in impressing the Westlifer, and Brian said that he was annoyed he didn't press his button and fight him! Father to be Jim Devine appealed to Kians spontaneous side and the Tyrone farmer made it through to the next stage, much to the delight of his expecting wife!

Former Fair City star Ryan O'Shaughnessy is going to have to work hard as Brian told him that he was really taking a risk on him but Ryan is confident that he will prove his worth to his mentor. Blonde bombshell Claire O'Loughlin was surprised when Brian hit his buzzer saying that she sometimes thinks she's not good enough, we're sure her confidence got a great boost after Brian told her that he was really looking forward to working with her and said she was "smoking hot"!

Make sure to tune in next Sunday at 6.30pm on RTE One for the final
episode of the Blind Auditions when the coaches complete their teams
and competition gets serious on The Voice of Ireland.