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Updates for 22nd April 2012

The Voice of Ireland –Semi Final

22nd April 2012

Richie Hayes, Jim Devine, Vanessa Whelan and Pat Byrne have made it through to The Voice of Ireland Final and the songs they performed tonight are available for download on iTunes now. Each download will count as a vote in the final on Sunday 29th April which will be combined with the public votes on the night.

Knowing that the teams would be halved by the end of the night was nerve-wracking, tensions were high backstage and it wasn’t just the talents feeling the pressure as the coaches were put on the spot to distribute their vote between their two top acts.

Professor Green excited the audience with an incredible and energetic performance despite suffering from a sore throat – he must have really been looking for a “Remedy” as he performed his newest single from his groundbreaking new album “At Your Service”. “Remedy” features the stunning vocals of Ruth-Anne, Bressie’s advisor in the Battles, who also co-wrote the single but unfortunately could not perform on tonight’s show.

In the results show Maverick Sabre released some of the tension in the air with a soulful and beautiful performance of the song that catapulted him onto Irish radio - “Let Me Go” is from his album “Lonely Are The Brave”. Raised in County Wexford, Maverick Sabre made a quick impression on the UK when he moved to London to pursue his love of music and now has a string of hits under his belt. “Lonely Are The Brave” is out now.

Tune in next Sunday to see who will be crowned The Voice of Ireland and win a contract with Universal. Only your votes can decide the winner!

Coaches Comments & Distribution of Points

Each Coach has 100 points to distribute between their two acts however these will be added to the public vote. The act with the highest percentage of combined votes will progress to the Final.

Vanessa Whelan and Kim Hayden
Bressie – Vanessa you are ready to record with Katherine Jenkins. Kim you need a little bit more development, I feel that Vanessa is ready to record an album.

Brian - for me the person who deserves to go through to the final is Vanessa

Kian – Its very interesting when we get to this stage of the competition… Kim you’ve grown a lot but your tuning is not on the money and for that reason and that reason alone Vanessa deserves to go through to the final.

Sharon – Letting one of them down is quite painful. I have to kind of reflect their journey on The Voice and who has been the stand out performer for the entire series. Kim I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and you’ve had some weak performances but when you are good you are magnificent. Vanessa has been more or less magnificent every week and you’ve never been in the bottom two and I have to be fair. I am going to award Vanessa 65 and Kim 35 points.

Vanessa – 65
Kim - 35

Richie Hayes and Alan Fitzsimons
Bressie – Richie you have been the basis of consistency every week. Alan you’ve had bad moments and good moments. I think Richie you have to make songs your own, I’d like to see more of your personality in songs.

Kian – Honestly for me Alan, why weren’t you singing songs like that through out the entire contest – now we see Alan, now you have arrived. Richie it has been very samey- samey every week for me I would put Alan through to the final

Sharon – Alan you had a magnificent performance tonight. That was a very emotional performance tonight. Richie you had a solid performance but I’d like to see more uniqueness like Bressie said make it your own.

Brian – A constant professional Richie but something happened tonight - I could see Alan’s album cover I could hear him on the radio….I am going to give Richie 45 and Alan 55

Richie – 45
Alan - 55

Sharon Gaynor and Jim Devine
Bressie – The reality of this is Jim has found his market and he’s on it. I still can’t place you Sharon. You both need to be more individual you need to bring your personality and interpret the songs. It’s a very tough place to be

Sharon – There’s no point in just being fabulous - You have to be fabulous and uniquely your own, for me Jim had that edge tonight

Brian – It doesn’t matter which high notes you hit when you can deliver the emotion that Jim did tonight.

Kian – It’s strange because technically Sharon you are a better singer but I just kind of feel that tonight it does stay a tiny bit flat – I’m not talking about your voice I’m talking abou the emotion. Im going to make this decision based on the growth of the act. I’m going to give Jim 70 and Sharon 30

Jim – 70
Sharon – 30

Conor Quinn and Pat Byrne
Brian – based on tonights performance I would put Pat through

Sharon – I have to say I really don’t envy Bressies decision. Conor I could close my eyes and be anywhere in the world and I could tell it’s you on the radio. Pat - a beautiful understated version of that song but I think Conor has the edge

Kian – no disrespect to Pat I’d chose Conor every time. I think Conor is the one to beat in the whole show

Bressie – this competition is so much better because these two guys are in it. Pat that was stunning… when you sing I believe everything you say. Conor when your on it every part of me shakes I cannot ignore that. Because of that I have to give Conor 60 and 40 to Pat.

Conor – 60
Pat - 40

Running order and songs
Act 1 Vanessa Whelan Who Wants to live forever
Act 2 Kim Hayden Somethings Got a Hold on Me
Act 3 Richie Hayes One Voice
Act 4 Alan Fitzsimons To Where You Are
Act 5 Sharon Gaynor Open Arms
Act 6 Jim Devine The Dance
Act 7 Conor Quinn Everlong
Act 8 Pat Byrne What a Wonderful World