St Geroge's Hall, Bristol - Sun 23rd September ’07

Laura Thomas..........

St Georges is an excellent venue for Brian with marvellous acoustics, and it was the setting for one of the best BK gigs that I've ever been to. Together with Callum, Brian was on top form and enthralled the audience from start to finish - when there was a well-deserved standing ovation.
Brian performed songs from the "Better Man" album right through to the upcoming "Interpretations" album. He explained how it was great to sing other peoples songs, because it's challenging, and he always wants to challenge himself. If the two songs he performed are anything to go by we are in for a proper treat with the new album!
There was the usual banter with Callum (who played fantastically). And at one point even Fred came on stage and recieved a round of applause. Brian is obviously such a generous performer (and as we know - generous with his time to his fans after the show)
Brian finished the show with "Every song is a cry for love" before which he gave an explaination of his Eurovision experience.  Brian commented that he should make the story shorter - but don't Brian, we love hearing your stories!  He closed the show with' You Raise Me Up'.  You could have heard a pin drop!  It was so amazing it even brought a tear to my friends eye. (Brian's performance of 'Galileo' earlier in the show did the same to me!)
All in all a completely wonderful evening, thanks so much Brian!