Shepherds Bush Empire, London - Monday 5th June ’06

Jackie Riggs......
Pyrotechnics? Scantily clad dancers?  Huge stage full of people and equipment? Long set list, no changes allowed? Are those the elements that people use to judge a live music show? If they are they should wake up and smell the coffee, or at least give a Brian Kennedy show a whirl! If they did they would find that all you need is a guitar or three, possibly a set of drums and a bass, oh and a voice to charm the birds from the trees.

Brian walked onto the stage, picked up his guitar, and quite simply sang! Song after song, his voice rang out clear and loud!  Old songs, new songs, a mixed up medley of songs presented with a ready wit and a gentle humour.

The new songs are but fledglings at the moment, fluffing their feathers ready to fly! It won’t be long and they will leave the nest and be soaring free. “Every song is a cry for love” has already launched itself into the wide blue yonder and” If you don’t believe in me” stands with its toenails on the edge waiting for the moment to jump.  I am sure it will ride a passing thermal and climb joyously into the sky.

A night with a voice, an affable, gentle self effacing wit, even dramatic revealing of a medical emergency, all contained in another evening spent in the company of Brian Kennedy. What a delightful way to spend a Monday evening in Shepherds Bush! Jax

Rita Veitch......
What an amazing evening at Shepherds Bush Empire on Monday 5th June 2006. I discovered Brian only in the last few years and had only seen him live at the St. Patricks Day Festival in London which I had thoroughly enjoyed but a whole evening of his music was going to be a new experience.When I arrived at the venue I met up with Conny from the Netherlands. We had discovered, from the Guestbook, that we were sitting next to each other in the front row and had already got to know each other by email in the previous weeks. Lovely lady and so nice to put a face to the "voice".

First up was of course Don Mescall. He has a great voice. It is a shame that not everyone watches the support act but unfortunately that always seems to be the case although people were able to watch from the bar. We certainly enjoyed his performance and it was great that he was able to get the audience involved and singing as well.

Then onto Brian. Shepherds Bush Empire is a great venue, an old style concert hall, and Brian’s voice could certainly fill that old building. You know his voice is good but nothing prepares you for hearing it live. The atmosphere was fantastic.
He was in fine form, singing beautifully and managing to be very humorous despite his leg injury from the previous day which he showed us eliciting much sympathy from the audience.  We were treated to many songs including some from the new album. I was pleased that my copy had arrived two days previously so I had got to know many of them.

Memorable moments for me:  During 'Crazy Love' when he was singing 'Have I told you lately' we all sung "you fill my heart with sadness, take away my gladness" and he sung it back to us!!

Killaloe during which he went through a scenario of re-tuning a radio to find a cheerful song only to find more sad songs including "The Streets" "Dry Your Eyes" plus others.

He told us that "If You Don’t Believe In Me" was to be the new single. A fantastic track. An a cappella version of "You Raise Me Up" which was really good for the encore.

I was very pleased that he played "Silver Hearts On Chains" and when I met him after I thanked him for playing that and said that I thought it was a beautiful track and that I had first heard on one of his radio appearances.

All too soon the evening was over but Brian had said that he would be out to do a signing of his cds and books that were on sale. True to his word he was there very quickly and we all queued up. I had to explain that I only had my ticket to sign as I have all the books and cds at home. Perhaps next time I will bring something with me. When I spoke to him about "Silver Hearts on Chains" he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. In fact he was very nice to everyone even though I am sure he must have been very tired. Went home very happy looking forward to the next time

Dave Cross
Bk was excellent at 'The Bush'.  He was in good voice and humour despite having injured his leg the day before. He did all the favourites plus a good selection from the new album. My wife and I stayed behind afterwards to get him to sign one of his CDs and we managed to have a short but interesting conversation.

We will most definitely want to see him again and cant wait for his next UK tour.  All The best.

Mags from Rochester.......
Loved the show very much.   Enjoyed the new songs - and the older ones of course.  Front row seats..... Only my second experience of a Brian Kennedy gig - the first being at the Celtic Connections in Glasgow earlier this year.  Took my sister along - her first time of seeing Brian, she enjoyed it too.  Did queue to get book signed but had to leave before I got the chance to - had to catch last train back to the wilds of Kent.  Did manage to grab a photo and got the mickey taken from Brian about the cockney accent!
Recently saw Nils Lofgren at Shepherds Bush Empire, so I knew what to expect regarding the to-ing and fro-ing and agree with the comments made by Chris - its not the best place....why people can't just foresake a couple of hours without a drink and be a bit more respectful is beyond me.

Saw Brian last in London - oh wow what a show. Fantastic, Brian and the band really rocked.... BUT some of the audience was A) a tad reserved and B) well, have never experienced more coming and going during a live performance in my life!! People were just so, well, rude. The bar was behind the stalls seats so it was possible to keep drinking and watch the show, maybe that was the problem but the noise at times with the talking etc. was awful.

We last saw Brian at The Bloomsbury, London 2 years ago. That time it was just Brian, last night he had the band. I loved both shows equally. It was a  fabulous night, the support act was good, but Brian was superb - his voice was so strong and he didn't falter at all, not a note! The new songs are gorgeous especially the new single.

He was also as funny as ever, we laughed as much as the last time (our first time at a Brian concert - had only seen him live in 2002 at the London Palladium in Michael Ball's ROC concert.

He was limping - said a car hit his leg the day before - twice!! He showed us his strapping on it, said it was why he wasn't doing his normal fabulous moves!!!  Wonderful show.  Chris

Vee, Birmingham.......
Just wanted to say what a great show Brian put on last night (Shepherd Bush Empire) - even with his knee injury!!

It was great to hear songs old and new, and Brian seemed to be on top form! I had only got HomeBird on CD 3 days before the gig, but managed to learn a few of the new tunes in time :)

Again, it was nice to speak with Brian after the show too, even if I had forgotten my CD for him to sign. The queue seemed to go on for ever!  Good luck to him with the new single - I think it's a great song