The Riverbank Hotel, Wexford - Thurs 20th April ’06

Marie Coffey.......
The house is quiet this beautiful sunny Sunday morning so I thought I would take advantage of the silence, while it lasts. The two teenage daughters are still sleeping so while the hormones and hurricanes are temporarily switched off in our house, I’ll share with you all, the highlight of the week for me, which was seeing Brian Kennedy live at his best.

Sunglasses on and all the CD’s stacked for the journey, Aisling and myself headed off down to, what is known as the sunny southeast. Wexford gets more sunshine than any other part of Ireland. We arrived there in plenty of time for the gig and got ourselves positioned comfortably in the second row. Quite a large room with plenty of seating, Oh and there were all the band’s instruments including the gleaming drums. We had seen BK pass by earlier in the restaurant. I heard him humming first; he certainly had a bounce about him. With a good atmosphere feeling, I thought this might be an extra special one tonight and boy was I right.

Don Mescall was again a brilliant special guest. We were his Harlem Gospel Choir for one of his songs and the Wexford audience have great voices. Couldn’t wait to hear them sing with Brian to his “Crazy Love”.

I got chatting to a woman beside me during the interval who told me it was her first time seeing Brian. Known to us as a BKV! Told her she was in for a treat and I’ll put my money on it that she’ll be going to many another of his gigs. OK enough talking for now!!!!

So now……the reason we are here…..”Ladies and Gentlemen would you please welcome on stage  Mr. Brian Kennedy” Yahoo!!!!!!!!

“Now That I Kknow What I Want” Oh My God….. he is looking absolutely fabulous in a deep pink shirt and black satin jacket. I don’t usually comment on the clothes he wears but at these last few gigs he is positively looking gorgeous. What a sexy intro. This was turning into a hot night. He had no set list again and every song BK sang was a favourite for me. They all just seemed to have that extra edge to them. Did the “Crazy Love/Have I Told You lately” routine with the women versus the fellas. Sounded just brilliant and one man shouted up “I love you Brian” Brian’s response “Ah I love to be loved” Ah!!!!

There was a request for “Captured” from a woman in the audience and Brian obliged seeing that she had asked so politely. I’m so glad she did because it was stunning! In the front row there was a friend of Brian’s with his family and while singing “Christopher” Street ……he changed the words to “Now most of my friends are busy tonight, just getting their kids to a gig”. Another friend who danced in Riverdance in New York was also in the audience. I’m so glad I made it to Wexford. Every BK gig is different….and  when you have the perfect ingredients…i.e.  Brian at his best, great venue and very importantly an audience who will respond …well then you will experience the magic.

By the time BK sang the last fast number we were up on our feet clapping and dancing. Oh, almost forgot to mention the new song from his new album “Homebird” that is due out in May. I first heard him sing this song in Portlaoise…well it’s called “Go With My Heart”. A lovely song and Brian obliged us again with it. He said it’s always nerve-wracking doing a new song to an audience but the Wexford audience loved it ….no doubt about that BK and so did we. Left the room after the concert feeling totally elated and will stay right here until I go see him again at the Olympia. Delighted we will have five nights in July there… that old theatre!

Just want also to say that here in Dublin we get to see a lot of big international acts and of course our own home grown talented ones but going to see Brian Kennedy live gives me a buzz that no other can do.

Had the craic at the signing…….thank God BK has a great sense of humour!!  Eist…….I think I hear someone a stirring! Mariexx