The Olympia Theatre, Dublin - Mon 10th to Sat 15th

What You Wish For, A Better Man, Margaret Barry, Raglan Road, Curragh of Kildare, Crazy Love/Tupelo Honey/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Silver Hearts On Chains, Go With My Heart, Homebird, If You Don't Believe In Me, The Reason We Are Here,  Christopher Street, Ballad of Killaloe, Carrickfergus, Put The Message In The Box/Get On With Your Short Life, Every Song Is A Cry For Love, You Raise Me Up.

Friday:  What You Wish For, A Better Man, Destination, Curragh of Kildare, Raglan Road, Crazy Love/Tupelo Honey/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Silver Hearts on Chains, Go With My Heart, Homebird,  The Reason We Are Here, These Days, Christopher Street, Killaloe/Dry Your Eyes Mate, Carrickfergus, Get On With Your Short Life, Put The Message In The Box, Every Song Is A Cry For Love, You Raise Me Up.

Saturday: What You Wish For, A Better Man, Curragh of Kildare, Margaret Barry, Crazy Love/Tupelo Honey/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Destination, If You Don't Believe In Me, Captured/Dirty Old Town/I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls, Silver Hearts of Chains, Homebird, Christopher Street, Turn To Me, Every Song Is A Cry For Love, Get On With Your Short Life, Put The Message In The Box, Carrickfergus, You Raise Me Up.

Sanna, Helsinki, Finland....
Thursday 13th  July 2006:
Brian, thank you for SHARING your music with us! I cannot remember when I sang my heart out like that in a concert! I felt like we, the audience, had come to see and listen to you, but equally you had come to see us and spend that evening with us – enjoying it as much as we did. You were up on the stage … only to enable everybody to see you properly!

Amazing connection! You made that night and my first visit to Dublin unforgettable!

Karen, Ruth Green, Bristol UK.....
Well what can we say! Brilliant as usual. We came over from Bristol, UK and went to three shows, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Brian's voice will always amaze us. He was introduced to the soundtrack of "Monty Python" which was funny to hear again as it hasn't been played for a while. It was nice to hear the songs from his new album "Homebird" and each night was different. It's a shame some people found the need to chat during the performance and even film Brian from a mobile phone. Brian certainly didn't let this unsettle him and carried on like the true professional he is.

It was very strange to have people come up to us saying they recognised us from the Live DVD!!! Maybe we are seeing Brian too much NO WAY!!!

It was great to see Brian again after the show, got the new album signed (this is the only CD I have left to sign!) and had a quick chat, he is just so charming and friendly. We cannot wait for him to come over to the UK to tour again. Great support from Don Mescall, we saw him in Belfast last November supporting Brian at The Waterfront Hall.

Martha Brophy......
Enjoyed three brilliant nights in the Olympia.  Each night slightly different, best entertainment in a long time.  Brian's voice is out on its own.

I have played Homebird several times since. I think 'Turn to Me' and 'Destination' are my favourites at the moment, sung with such feeling and pitch, just fantastic.  Of course 'You raise me up' will always be very special.

I met Brian on the three nights, he is most interesting and charming man. I hope to see Brian in Belfast or Derry, I haven't been to either cities for some time now. I will save a few holiday days from work for same.

Thank you again for such brilliant concerts, wish I could sing, I would never stop! All the best. Martha.

Rose O'Neill......
Just back from Dublin after seeing Brian in the Olympia on Saturday night 15th June. I was really looking forward to it as we haven't seen him for a long time.

We dropped off the kids and headed up to Dublin. Got there early and had a great meal in Grafton street. Headed on down to the Olympia just got there on time as Don Mescal was just coming on, he was very good his voice gets more deeper every time I hear him, he was excellent.

I think the best part of a Brian Kennedy gig is the start, he just walks out on the stage head high, as if to say here I am, get ready for a great night. It was fab, good to hear the new ones and the old. He was very relaxed he just gave his all to each and every song. Each one was as good as the last one. It was over before we knew it, but fab as always.

Got my CD Homebird signed and had a few words. A great night. Hope to see him soon. Thanks Jane for all your input, we would be lost without you. Keep up the good work Fred. Rose.

My husband Bernie treated us to go to Dublin for the concert at the Olympia on 15th July and it was FANTASTIC. What a great show, we lost complete track of time.

The first time we saw Brian was at the Albert Hall when he supported Clannad. We have since seen him in Croyden and Milton Keynes. We are now living just north of Aberdeen, so please please can Brian come to Aberdeen on his next tour. Once again saturday was Brilliant, thanks to all who made it such a memorable night. From Mandy.

Gail..... (14th July)
Having travelled from County Down, picnicking on the beach in Malahide en-route, I arrived in Dublin on Friday night in the sweltering heat but full of excitement. Having checked in to my B and B near the Ha'penny bridge Imade my way through the throngs to the Olympia full of anticipation and butterflies at the thought of another BK experience. The evening kicked off with a great performance from Don Mescal, peppered with witty anecdotes before every song. He even managed to get the audience to impersonate a gospel choir.

After a brief interval the band appeared, including James, and Brian's Monty Python signature tune heralded the arrival of the great man. It seemed a long time since I last saw him in November and I couldn't wait much longer!  Eventually on he came dressed in a black satin jacket, black shirt and jeans and looking gorgeous. Why do you never see men like him walking around and available!  He sang beautifully and sweetly a mixture of old and new but luckily all of my favourites were included, 'Silver Hearts on Chains' from the new album, 'Killaloe', 'Curragh of Kildare' and 'These Days' when Ronan was sent up as usual.

The night was only marred by my seat which was next to the toilet and all night a procession of people felt the need to go and not waiting for the end of songs to do it. I was also sitting behind the woman who Brian gave a row to at the beginning for trying to video him with her phone. I think everyone was surprised that he was so angry when he is always so nice and it did make me feel a bit tense from there on in wondering what he might say next and if he was in a bad mood. However, after watching the same woman then go to the toilet 4 times, text with the light on in her phone and chat to her friend, who was also talking loudly and taking photos, I would happily have punched her myself. It is a shame that people can't sit quietly for an hour and a half and give Brian the respect and attention he deserves and not spoil it for everyone else.

Feeling a bit deflated at the end that Brian hadn't talked as much as usual, I sauntered back out too shy to line up for an autograph but was pleasantly surprised to see him come downstairs to the signing. He really does take your breath away when you see him up close! Finally having coffee at a pavement café because it was too hot to go home, who should pass by but James then Bill on their way home. I would have hung on for Brian but didn't want to seem like a stalker even though I have all the tendencies and anyway the cafe staff were switching the lights out!

All in all another great BK gig and I can't wait for the next one. I definitely have a crush! A big fan, County Down

Jackie Anderson, (Birmingham UK).......
First time I have seen BK in concert, (although for 10 years I have bought his music). Certainly wont be my last, travelled over from Birmingham to Dublin for the show.

What a fantastic event, was amazed at how the crowd participated from the very first song, by the last song I was in tears, couldn't hold back the emotion his voice demands, they say he has a voice to charm the angels, they are not wrong.

Got to meet him after the show, what a fantastic way to end a brilliant night. Thanks Dr Brian, your amazing, would love to see you in Birmingham on your next tour. Be Happy, Be safe. Love to you as always. Jackie