The Millennium Forum, Derry - Saturday 18th Nov ’06

Niamh, County Derry.....
Brilliant show at the MIllennium Theatre last night.  Just James and Brian, no set list, just go with the flow.  First of all both men have beards!   Not just a two day stubble, but the full facial fungus.  Now I prefer Brian with the clean shaven look BUT wouldn't you know it, our lad looked pretty damn gorgeous, beard and all.

From the first roar of the audience at the mention of his name to the final applause, Brian was in top form and the audience loved every minute of it.  Loads of banter and audience participation, especially from the girl on the balcony with the lovely contralto voice. Brian opened with 'Destination', then he sang 'Silver Hearts on Chains'.  Great song.  He should release it as a single.  It deserves more air play and has all the makings of a hit. There followed lots of the old favourites including 'Curragh of Kildare', 'Margaret Barry', 'Raglan Road', 'Christopher Street', 'G.O.W.Y.S.L', 'Message In A Box', 'Captured' and of course the Van Morrison tribute.  He also sang the beautiful 'First Time Ever I Saw Your face' - You could have heard a pin drop. I have never heard a better rendition of it. Brian finished the show with his signature 'Y.R.M.U'. sung unaccompanied of course.

I am off to the Waterfront Hall on Tuesday to hear it all again. It's a tough life but bring it on! And for all the Aussie fans he said that he is off to Dubai and Australia soon. Your patience will be rewarded.