The Iveagh Movie Theatre, Banbridge - Weds 6th Dec ’06

Sonia Boylan....
“Ladies  & Gentlemen please welcome on stage Brian Kennedy!”, and coming onto the stage in jeans, white shirt and “that” black jacket as everyone refers to and the wee beard! Then the evening really began, the first song he sung was “Get On With Your Short Life”, “Better Man” where he said: “he was looking during the song to see who we all were and that we were a “cool bunch.” “Raglan Road” came next followed by “Curragh Of Kildare”, “Crazy Love/Have I Told You Lately”, where he had the men singing the song because they didn’t seem to be singing and to help them along he sung in his “manly voice” way down low! Also when he came to "Have I told you lately" we all had to say to him that we loved him! Awhhh lol he also commented on that we were very shy when singing.

It wasn’t long before the jacket came off which started an uproar in the theatre with women shouting “Take your shirt off!” but to every woman’s disappointed he declined their offer, “for he was brought up on bread and potatoes.”  So I decided to shout my own little thing up well if he wasn’t going to take his shirt off why not try the trousers! So I shouted it and he laughed he goes “Sorry that will have to remain a mystery, but I bet you your fantasy is better than my reality!”

We were treated to “Margaret Barry” who he said was “a legend.” Then on to some Homebird material with the songs “Destination” & the beautiful “Silver Hearts On Chains.”  Somewhere around here a woman shouted up “Where you staying the night?” and he looked out and said “It all depends on whose asking!” He said he better move on quickly on to the next song to “The Blen.”

Then onto New York where we had to travel with him to “Christopher Street.” Then we were back after a short 5 minutes to hear the rendition of “The Island” from 'On Song 2', which he sang with Juliet Turner and which he told us we were we all allowed to duet with him if we wanted!

Then “the rowdy bunch at the back” as Brian referred to them as, told him to sing “Put The Message In The Box” for the woman in the glittery top’s birthday (sorry cant remember your name.) After the song one of them shouted “Come To The Coach After!” but Brian said “I would love to but every night isn’t a Saturday night unfortunately!” We came to the “Pretend Last Song” which was “Captured/Will Ye Go Lassie/Dirty Ole Town/ Marble Halls” where Brian wiggled his bum a bit to the crowds enjoyment!

He came back on with the crowds shouting “More!!” to sing “Every Song Is A Cry For Love” where he asked the audience had we watched Eurovision, well obviously we did like, you were in it! What a stupid question to ask! We then were treated to “Silent Night” as a gift as he didn’t want to leave us without anything for Christmas but some lady thought he was going to give us presents! Pity he didn’t lol

Then to the finale where unaccompanied he sung “You Raise Me Up” which was beautiful way to end the night. He then ran off stage because he said he would be out to sign anything we wanted and to have a chat. So everyone was up off there seats and away to meet the BK Machine outside. I got to him eventually and had a chat while he signed my photograph and got more photographs taken! (You can never have enough!) I cant believe that he can be bothered to come out and talk to all them people after doing over an hour of a show what a man!

Brilliant Show with loads of his old material from 'Live In Belfast' which I love! Wish I could say I have more concerts in line but I don’t ! cry! Oh well its just back to the DVDs and CDs for a while.