Friday Night is Music Night - BBC Radio 2
23rd February 2007
Deb Jacobi..........

Now I've never seen Bri at all so this is strictly from appreciating THAT voice!!! ....and I do love a sense of humour and Bri has definitely got one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture this - I'm in Utah, USA and I'm sitting at my computer not being able to hold still and dying for it to be Bri's turn on the radio show "Friday Night is Music Night"

Finally a few songs into the programe Bri is given a warm welcome and sings "Bring Him Home"!  Now at first it took some getting used to hearing him sing it in his style but I pictured his face and mannerisms and it took no time whatsoever  to be caught up in it and the song was indeed beautiful!!!

His next number was "Good Thing Going" by Frank Sinatra originally and it was a perfect Bri song!!  SAD!!!!!!!!lLOL  I was soooooo glad that it was Bri I was listening to and not Frank!  Really beautiful!

Now with the last two songs he was the good old Brian Kennedy and you could feel the confidence coming right through the computer!!!  "Turn To Me"and "You Raise Me Up were fantastic!!!

Someday hopefully I'll get to see and hear him live!!!!  Hoping, hoping, hoping!!!!!!!!!!!