The Abbey Hotel, Donegal Town - Mon 17th April ’06

Rachel McCorkell, Strabane, (16)..........
Well the show kicked off, with the very talented and Lovely Don Mescall. His very impressive song writing and his voice had a lovely husky sound to it. I got to meet him and bought a copy of his E.P. which had 3 tracks, The three which he preformed all very good!! Really down to earth and a lovely singer!

Then of course, Mr Brian Kennedy came on after a short interval, running in from the back of the room, in his satin black suit and pink shirt, getting better looking in my opinion ;) and in general looking very sexy! I was there with 3 friends and I have to say, we all had the hots for Mr Kennedy!

His humour and stage manor was just brilliant, and he just had everyone eating out of his hand, his witty comments and his way with the audience was first class, and it was clearly obvious he enjoyed the audience as much as they enjoyed him, but who doesn't enjoy a Donegal audience. His set list was very similar to that on the 15th in the other review, with his classics, but the ones we love! and of course many from 'On Song' and 'On Song 2.  He also gave us a little rendition of some other favourites, such as 'For The Good Times' and 'Dry Your Eyes Mate.'

He made a joke about his encore and how he would normally go and chill out in the dressing room, but as it was so far away so he said that he would just hide in behind the speakers at the side of the stage and we were to pretend he was away for half an hour, and he then reappeared apologising for taking so long! He then ended the show with a breath taking acapella version of "You Raise Me Up", you could have heard a pin drop during that performance and the audiences response was phenominal!

I also must take the opportunity to praise the wonderful band, I'm not sure of there names, but they were fabulous, and it all worked wonderfully. The night in all was a fantastic night! Enjoyed by everyone, and I can't wait until the next show!!

My Friends and I had the pleasure of meeting Brian afterward, our first time, we were so nervous, but he was lovely, made us even more in love, he called us Charlie's Angels and did a fantastic pose in the picture, which hopefully is in the pictures with fans! We are 15 and 16 but crazy about the one and only Mr Brian Kennedy, He really is a star! A voice so Pure and wonderful, and his range and vocal ability amazing, I believe I could even hear a snare drum effect toward the end, a task which is very hard to master by even the most talented of vocalists. I hope he remembers us. A wonderful night!!